Building Testable Applications

Arne BlankertsSebastian BergmannStefan Priebsch | ConFoo |

A clean architecture lays the foundation for applications which are independent of frameworks, independent of any particular persistence technology, and independent of the user interface. It is precisely this independence which makes applications testable: unit tests, edge-to-edge tests and end-to-end tests can all be easily and effectively implemented when the architecture is solid and sound. Attendees of this two-day training event at ConFoo will learn how to design and implement testable applications with PHP. Each development step will be explained in-depth while a testable application is built, based on a detailed specification for a non-trivial web application that must deal with asynchronous processing and concurrency issues. Covered training topics include: domain modeling, command query responsibility segregation, event sourcing, unit testing, test-driven development and experiment-driven development. Just as a clean architecture is the basis for independent, testable applications, a strong training is the foundation for independent, effective application developers.'s Sebastian Bergmann, Arne Blankerts, and Stefan Priebsch are world-renowned PHP professionals with combined and complementary expertise in the areas of structure-building, strategic planning and IT security. Don't miss this opportunity to learn from these industry leaders in this highly interactive and entertaining training event.