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International PHP Conference

  • München
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The International PHP Conference is a globally recognized event for PHP developers, webworkers, IT managers and everyone interested in web-technology.

Forum PHP

  • Paris
  • -

This year the French PHP Association AFUP welcomes you at the Beffroi de Montrouge the 23d and 24th of October 2014 around the motto "From idea to production, PHP first at the finish line" When one needs to pick the best language for web development, debates are endless: Java is the most stable, Ruby is the most flexible, Python is the cleanest... But in the end PHP delivers first! Isn't that a sign that PHP is the most versatile cumulating qualities at every step of a web project? PHP is a great language to prototype, with a very rich set of great open-source products, a huge developer community, dozens of great tools to help them, a mature professional ecosystem, an ease of administration in production and extreme feedbacks from the biggest websites in the world! These are all the thematics that we would like to address in this 2014 edition of the Forum PHP!


  • Hamburg
  • -

code.talks steht für alles, was eine Entwicklerkonferenz ausmacht, nämlich für Themen und Trends der Webentwicklung, interessante Vorträge, hochkarätige Speaker und regen Austausch zwischen den Teilnehmern. Im Gegensatz zu anderen Konferenzen ähnlicher Größenordnung wird code.talks auch weiterhin von Entwicklern für Entwickler gestaltet.