Nurturing Open Source Communities

Sebastian Bergmann | Open Source Beyond 2020 |

In the backdrop of the increasing popularity and use of open source software, it is a paradox that many open source projects continue to struggle to sustain themselves. Remarkably, sustainability issues afflict not just the small and medium-sized project, but also some of the larger and well-known ones. The success of open source software initiatives often goes hand in hand with the success of their communities. So what are the success factors leading to a sustainable community? What are the key challenges open source projects face? More importantly, what can and should be done about the sustainability and funding issue? This session invites a brief discussion to identify key sustainability concerns, followed by two deeper debates on practical proposals/solutions to solve (i) Sustainability issues (ii) Funding issues. The session combines results and inputs from the Commission’s EU-FOSSA project and the Commission’s Open Source Observatory (OSOR).