Getting Started with Psalm

We have prepared the learning content especially for online training. Instead of presentation slides, we use live coding with explanations and are happy to answer intermediate questions that are asked in the chat.

The teaching of content alternates with practical exercises in which we provide individual support to the participants via screen sharing. To ensure good individual support, our online training courses are limited to a maximum of 10 participants each.

Learning Objective

  • You can use Psalm for your PHP projects
  • You can understand Psalm's output and can act upon it
  • You can make previously implicit assumptions about your code explicit through annotations and have them automatically checked by Psalm

Target Audience

This training is aimed at advanced PHP developers who create or maintain complex applications.


Experience with type-safe object-oriented programming in PHP 7 or another programming language is required.

Information about technical requirements.


03:45pm–04:00pm Login and Arrival
04:00pm–04:15pm What is static code analysis?
04:15pm–04:30pm Setting up Psalm
04:30pm–04:45pm What does Psalm tell me about my code?
04:45pm–04:50pm Break
04:50pm–05:35pm Exercise: Analysing code with Psalm
05:35pm–05:40pm Break
05:40pm–06:25pm Review of the exercise
06:25pm–06:30pm Break
06:30pm–07:00pm Documenting and enforcing array structures
07:00pm–07:15pm Summary and Outlook

Exclusive and customized

We are happy to adapt the content and focus of our training courses to your specific wishes and needs. We carry out individualised training courses online exclusively for your employees at the desired date.

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