Online Training

Our online trainings have a different format than the classroom trainings. We believe that half-day trainings are easier to integrate into personal everyday life than full-day trainings. This also creates the freedom to process and practice what you have learned.

Instead of holding a few multi-day online training sessions, we have therefore decided to offer a larger number of half-day online training sessions, which were designed to be attended both individually and continuously.

This allows everyone to choose and determine their personal learning path and pace.

How does this work?

We conduct our online trainings using a free video conferencing solution.

In addition to video conferencing, we use a web-based chat as an alternative communication channel. This is helpful, for example, if there are technical problems with the video conference. Using the chat, every attendee can ask questions at any time, without interrupting the presenter.

In our online training courses, the teaching of content alternates with practical exercises in which we provide individual support to the participants via screen sharing. In order to participate in the exercises, a few requirements have to be met.