PHPUnit Master Class

Test automation is indispensable, especially in extensive and long-lasting software projects. In this training you will learn how to professionally introduce the test tool PHPUnit into your project and how to use it successfully for test automation.

We rely on interactive live coding and discussion with the participants instead of frontal teaching with presentation slides. The transfer of knowledge alternates with demonstrations and practice using practical examples.

Learning Objectives

  • You learn to write the right tests
  • You understand the interaction of the different types of tests in the test pyramid
  • You can organise the tests in your project well
  • You write readable tests using project-specific assertions

Target Audience

Experienced software developers, lead developers, software architects and software testers.


Extensive practical experience with test automation and xUnit test frameworks such as PHPUnit.

Here you can acquire the necessary previous knowledge: PHPUnit for Advanced Users


09:00am–09:15am Welcoming, introducing and collecting expectations
09:15am–09:45am Introduction: What you should already know about PHPUnit
09:45am–10:30am Meaningful or technical: good names for your tests
10:30am–10:45am Break
10:45am–11:15am Live Coding: Understandable output
11:15am–12:30pm Exercise: Writing readable tests
12:30pm–01:30pm Lunch Break
01:30pm–02:00pm Review of the exercise
02:00pm–03:00pm Sure thing: Custom assertions
03:00pm–03:15pm Break
03:15pm–04:30pm Exercise: Custom assertions for your project
04:30pm–05:00pm Review of the exercise
09:00am–09:30am Recap of previous day and questions
09:30am–10:15am The Test Pyramid
10:15am–10:30am Break
10:30am–11:00am Live Coding: Help, my tests are dependent!
11:00am–12:00pm Exercise: Test Dependencies
12:00pm–12:30pm Review of the exercise
12:30pm–01:30pm Lunch Break
01:30pm–02:15pm Organising the tests correctly
02:15pm–03:15pm Exercise: Test Suites and Test Groups
03:15pm–03:30pm Break
03:30pm–04:00pm Review of the exercise
04:00pm–04:30pm Summary and Outlook
04:30pm–05:00pm Questions and Feedback

Exclusive and customized

We are happy to adapt the content and focus of our training courses to your specific wishes and needs.

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