Reviews, Consulting, Training, and Coaching

Quality Assurance

Sebastian Bergmann

defines the standard in quality
assurance for PHP projects. As a
seasoned consultant and an
experienced trainer with an excellent
theoretical background, he is a
sought-after expert in companies
of all sizes.  


Stefan Priebsch

can offer advice when PHP
projects have become
confusing and unclear.
Based on his extensive
experience and knowledge,
he will offer solutions
to your problem.   


Arne Blankerts

ensures security in your PHP
projects, security that you
can rely on. His comprehensive
experience is highly valued by
international enterprises.   

We do not turn a blind eye where your PHP projects are concerned


Your company operates flexibly, reacting to the market. Your software must adapt swiftly to new challenges. The experts from will support your endeavors; together we will take advantage of the PHP platform with clearly defined development processes and software that can be extended in an agile way. With us, you will find the right architecture for new projects from the start, or improve your existing code.

Our advice is based on an analysis of your code, your software development processes, and the nature of your team. We bring a fresh perspective to identify weaknesses and pinpoint solutions that reflect the individual circumstances of your organization. Analysis, consulting, and training form an integrated procedure with, bringing you joined-up benefits.

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Case Study

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Interview at PHP Summit

The consultants from answer questions regarding current PHP topics and trends.

Client Opinions

Three experts side by side ensure that one does not get a dogmatic individual opinion.

Dr. Tina Dingel,
Townster GmbH

Thanks to [] we succeeded at making strategic decisions based on a technical foundation.

Nils Langner,
Gruner + Jahr
AG & Co KG

The wealth of information we have gained from the experience has given us a solid foundation from which we can develop our code quality approach.

Kevin Howe,
InstaClick Inc.

Thanks to we achieved a future-proof structure and testable code.

Michaela Knie,
Rohde & Schwarz
GmbH & Co. KG