Web Security 360

Web Security 360

When applications on the Internet are exposed to potential attacks around the clock, then security should not just play a secondary role. This is not only true for business-critical applications, but also for any processing of personal and confidential data. Even if applications don't seem particularly important or worth protecting, security vulnerabilities make them a gateway for attacks from inside and outside.

Based on OWASP Top 10, Security by Design, IT-Grundschutz, and GDPR compliance, numerous other important aspects of web security are covered, including authentication mechanisms such as WebAuthn or best practices for designing and implementing secure APIs.

The content and focus of the training is continuously updated to take new developments in security research and new attacks into account.

We have prepared the content of this training didactically with great care for the best possible online learning success. In classroom training, we essentially convey the same content, but in a compressed form.

Classroom training at our training center in Wolfratshausen is suspended until further notice due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

We also offer all training courses exclusively and individualized, both online and in-house at your site. During the COVID-19 pandemic, we will only conduct on-site in-house training if there is a suitable hygiene concept for participants and trainers and the infection situation allows it.

Learning Objectives
  • You understand the basic principles of secure web development and security by design
  • You are familiar with effective security mechanisms
  • You know the most important attack vectors and can evaluate resulting risks
  • You can identify and eliminate the most common security-related errors
Target Audience

This training is designed for developers, DevOps, and other stakeholders who want to build and operate secure web applications or need to increase the security level of existing applications.


Basic knowledge of PHP or a similar programming language is required, as well as experience in creating or running web-based applications.