Data Protection

As of: October 18th, 2019

In short: we respect your privacy and fully comply with the data protection regulations in force in Europe and Germany. You can use our website completely anonymously. We do not use third-party advertising, do not directly integrate with other platforms, and generally do not embed third-party content or code into our website - not only for security reasons, but also out of respect for your privacy.

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The detailed version:

Tracking and Web Server Log File

When you visit our websites, no tracking takes place. We do not use Google Analytics or similar tools. Our web server writes - as probably every web server of this world - only a log file consisting of information, which your browser sends us with the HTTP requests.

We evaluate this log file to understand how our visitors use our website and what content is of particular interest to them. All evaluations are completely anonymous and done without personal reference.


For technical reasons, we set a session cookie when you visit our website. The session cookie is automatically deleted on your computer when you end the session or the browser. Our session cookie simply contains an identifier that our web site can use to associate incoming HTTP requests with a user session. However, a personal reference is not explicitly made here and would not be technically possible because you are using our website anonymously.

We use the session cookie exclusively to provide technical protection against potential cross-site request forgery (HTTP) requests. You can also use our website if you do not accept our session cookie, but for technical reasons you will not be able to use our contact form.

We do not use any tracking cookies or other cookies permanently stored on your computer. Since we do not incorporate any third-party advertising, content or software into our website, no third-party cookies are set by our website.

Contact Form

You can use our contact form to contact us or to call us back. We only use your data transmitted to us in this way in order to contact you - as you wish. Your contact information will be stored and electronically processed by us on our own computer systems, such as our e-mail software.

Links to External Sites

On some of our sites, we link to external websites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Xing, Whatsapp or Reddit to help you share the content we have published. We do not use any integration that compromises your privacy, but we point out that we have no control over how the respective platforms handle your data once you have reached it via our link. Nevertheless, we enjoy every part of our content in social media.

Use of Data

In addition, we may contact you again in the future if we suspect that you may be interested in a service specifically tailored to you or the content we have published.

However, such contact is made - if at all - only in the form of an e-mail addressed to you in person. We do not send promotional emails or will we ever call you, unless you explicitly ask us.

According to our interpretation of the legal situation, this type of renewed contact is covered by our legitimate interest in the continuation of our business operations and we do not require an explicit declaration of consent from you.

However, if you feel bothered by our communication at any point in time, send us a short message by e-mail and we will refrain from further contact.

Data Collected

In the context of an ongoing business relationship or the establishment of a business relationship, we store the following data: name, company and business address, e-mail address, position in the company as well as team or department.

If you have voluntarily provided us with further data, for example in the form of an e-mail signature, we will store it as part of our e-mail archiving to which we are legally obliged. A structured recording or evaluation in other IT systems does not take place with us.

In some cases, we collect information from publicly available directories such as LinkedIn or Xing, from publicly available participant lists of events, or simply because we've heard about you in a lecture, publication, or contribution to an open source software project , In this case, however, we only use publicly available data and therefore assume that you agree to the publication of the data with any use by us.

If we then contact you proactively, we will do so at best within the limits set out in this Privacy Policy and only because we suspect that we would benefit mutually from our interaction or any business relationship. Nevertheless, we do of course like to refrain from the use of your contact information, if you wish.

At no time do we buy or rent any addresses or contact information and we never disclose any of our data, in particular not to headhunters or recruitment agencies.

Retention Periods

We are required by law to keep business correspondence for 6 years. In addition, we archive our e-mail traffic for reasons of legal and IT security. Personal data that you may have sent us by e-mail will therefore remain in our archives, even if a business relationship has already ended. However, we will never use this data abusively, but only to safeguard our legitimate interests.

We are aware that you - among other things - have the right to delete personal data stored by us. Despite our internationally recognized qualification as the world's leading IT consultant in our market segment, we are unable to find a technically feasible way to resolve this conflict. If you have an idea how we can implement this without endangering the operational safety of our company beyond measure, then we are pleased about a hint.

Disclosure of Data

As far as it is not necessary for the fulfillment of the contract or we are legally obliged, we do not pass on any data to third parties, irrespective of whether they are located inside or outside the European Union.

This does not apply to our annual Christmas card, which we generally send by post. In order to make this possible, we must pass on your address to the delivery company, and one could certainly argue well whether the delivery of a Christmas card is now necessary for the fulfillment of the contract or not. However, we can not see any evil intent in a Christmas card and hope that you see it the same way and not revoke your consent to the use of the data.