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Developer Coaching

There are consultants who preach standard examples from textbooks, and there is us. Not only have we written some of the textbooks ourselves, but we have been sharing our knowledge for decades in widely read articles and at professional conferences around the globe.

But all these ways of imparting knowledge have a weakness: they lack practice, they lack reference to the particular challenges that can make the everyday life of developers so difficult, and they lack concrete reference to the problems that a company has to solve right now.

Armed with Zoom, online tools, and screen shares, Stefan brought us many new insights and findings off the beaten track in a remote workshop series, which also directly fed into our decisions and implementations. The result is so good that we will certainly be happy to repeat it.

Markus Holstein, Bereichsleiter IT, Electronic Minds GmbH

That's why we coach developers where we can make the most difference: in their daily work. We discuss the concrete problems developers have to deal with, we give impulses and plant ideas to come to better solutions faster. We recognise individual weaknesses and provide targeted support to make people better developers.

Whether individuals, changing groups or entire teams: we coach your developers directly "on the job". In addition to sustainable programme code, cost-effectiveness and a concrete relationship of the work to the stakeholders and end users are particularly important to us. After all, writing software is not an end in itself, so simple and practicable solutions are much more important to us than preaching buzzwords and current technology trends.

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