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Expert Lectures

Our Expert Lecture at Your Event

For more than 20 years, we have been shaping the Open Source community by contributing to software projects such as the PHP project and being involved in the PHP Foundation . In addition, we have published widely read textbooks and numerous articles and regularly present at international conferences, often as keynote speakers. You can experience us here soon.

We would be happy to enrich your conference or corporate event by sharing our experience. In addition to purely technical presentations to impart knowledge, we specialise in motivational keynotes for both technical and non-technical audiences. We make our audience question things and open up new perspectives. After all, a lecture should not only bring change, but also improvement.

In a detailed preliminary discussion about the audience and the target group, we determine together what content the lecture needs, in what style it should be presented, and what purpose the lecture should serve.

Our lecture does not have to stand alone in the room. We are happy to be available afterwards for questions or a discussion session. Although we usually work remotely first, experience has shown that an on-site presentation has a much greater impact and turns listeners into participants.

We would be happy to talk to you about our contribution to your event.