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Consulting on architecture, quality, software development, and infrastructure.


Web Security 360

The concepts of secure web development and avoiding known errors are an important prerequisite for professional PHP use.

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Case Study

Sustainable, Secure and Structured

We supported Rohde & Schwarz in implementing a complex single-source content publishing system.

Sebastian and Stefan have shown us how our developers can keep delivering business value without getting sidetracked by our legacy code.

Dave Rochwerger, Director Engineering, Trulia

Stefan Priebsch has seamlessly integrated into our remote culture. Through video meetings, coaching, mob programming sessions and reviews he moved our team and our software quality forward in a short time. He was able to impart an extremely large amount of new knowledge to us.

Wolfgang Neider, Chief Digital Officer, Wikando

Our developers have really learned through That's why we continue to focus on coaching for our team and loose guidance for our further development work.

Philipp von Melle, CEO, Globetrotter

The interesting presentation of the contents contributed greatly to the high motivation of the participants. Mr. Priebsch was also always able to offer us well-founded suggestions for solutions to 4Com-specific questions.

Christian Koch, 4com GmbH & Co. KG

With the support of we were able to make a balanced decision for an in-house development.

Malte Polzin, Managing Director, Brack Electronics

Design Patterns for Web Applications

Use these design patterns to develop your applications faster and better understand common frameworks.

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Article Domain-Driven Design with PHP

More focus on the domain: You should know and be able to apply these design patterns from Domain-Driven Design.

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Article Ketchup or Mayo?

A French fries stand offers a few dishes and drinks. That means founding can't be particularly difficult, can it?

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