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Consulting on software development, architecture, test automation, devops, and modernisation.


What is new in PHP?

What is new in PHP?

What's happened to PHP this year and what new features you should look forward to.

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Case Study

Sustainable, Secure and Structured

We supported Rohde & Schwarz in implementing a complex single-source content publishing system.

The experts did not so much help us solve problems in the short term, but rather provided our team with the expertise to make the right decisions in the future without external help.

Cornelius Suermann, CTO, BillSAFE

The interesting presentation of the contents contributed greatly to the high motivation of the participants. Mr. Priebsch was also always able to offer us well-founded suggestions for solutions to 4Com-specific questions.

Christian Koch, 4com GmbH & Co. KG

The consultants of not only managed to explain us what was wrong with the way we built software. More importantly, they knew how to make change happen.

Steffen Behn, CTO, die kartenmacherei

I was incredibly impressed by the energy level I witnessed during a week of workshops with Sebastian and Stefan. The positive feedback I received from my teammates only confirmed that the consulting engagement was a complete success.

Mike Depuy, Director of Software Engineering, Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Sebastian and Stefan have shown us how our developers can keep delivering business value without getting sidetracked by our legacy code.

Dave Rochwerger, Director Engineering, Trulia

We test your software together

We test your software together

Find answers to all questions about test automation by solving problems using examples from your own code base.

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