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We #stayhome and, for the time being, offer all our services remotely.


Die Tricks der OOP-Experten

Lernen Sie, OOP richtig einzusetzen, um bessere Software zu erstellen. In April 22, 2021 at our Wolfratshausen training center.

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Case Study

Sustainable, Secure and Structured

Learn how we supported Rohde & Schwarz in implementing a complex single-source content publishing system

Sebastian and Stefan have shown us how our developers can keep delivering business value without getting sidetracked by our legacy code.

Dave Rochwerger, Director Engineering, Trulia

Thanks to we achieved a future-proof structure and testable code.

Michaela Knie, Project Manager

Stefan Priebsch has seamlessly integrated into our remote culture. Through video meetings, coaching, mob programming sessions and reviews he moved our team and our software quality forward in a short time. He was able to impart a great deal of new knowledge to us.

Wolfgang Neider, Chief Digital Officer, Wikando

We had the pleasure of working with Sebastian and leveraging his expertise in PHP unit testing to train our scrum teams on tools for Quality Engineering. Sebastian did an excellent job and we will leverage his services and know-how again in the future.

Oliver Ratzesberger, Director Analytics Platform, eBay

Our teams love the outstanding coaching sessions with Stefan Priebsch for his competent, honest, and esteeming way.

Sebastian Keßler, Head of Software Development, FLYERALARM

Domain-Driven Design

Eine praxisnahe Einführung in DDD, die weit über das übliche Bücherwissen hinaus geht. In April 19, 2021 at our Wolfratshausen training center.

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