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Architectural Vision

Architectural Vision

There is no such thing as "the" software architecture, at least not for a system that, like a company and like the whole world, is subject to constant change. In addition, in many cases systems are not used for what they were originally designed for. It is therefore not surprising that the architecture of existing systems never really "fits".

The real task that a software architect or even an enterprise architect has to fulfil is to plan for constant change and to set up a system correctly for it. Existing systems must always be taken into account. A "we'll do everything from scratch" is practically never realistic; we are always talking about a gradual but constant change.

Together with Stefan Priebsch we are planning the evolution towards a multi-tenant web application. [...] With exciting dialogue, interesting ideas, goal-oriented methods (e.g. event storming) and a lot of expertise. A collaboration that offers us great added value and for which we are very grateful to

Tobias Schwarz, Geschäftsführer Cadosys GmbH

We have learned: You don't design a software architecture in one or two workshops. To understand the actual requirements and create a target vision that is in line with and pays attention to the business goals is more of a process than a project. Much more important than an impressive diagram is to get all stakeholders on board and to create an understanding of why which decisions have been made or need to be made again. Only then can sustainable implementation succeed.

Creating an architectural target vision that is appropriate for the company and the market situation takes time. For example, we have had good experience with architecture workshops with changing members at about two-week intervals. Other formats are of course also possible.

I would like to develop an architectural vision for our company.