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Education Flat Rate

Education Flat Rate

Continuous Training for Teams

I was really looking forward to seeing them teach in a more formal setting. I was not disappointed, right down to their famous teaching style, which mostly consists of playing 'devil's advocate' with one another to debate the finer points of best practice! This works really well because rather than 'do this' you get a much better view of the issues involved.

Lorna Jana Mitchell

The training was just what I needed to fix some of the problems in my development approaches. Test Driven development, factory design pattern, autoloader and testing tools were the keys for me. I am eager to take what I learned home and evangelize.

David Engel

Fantastic workshop touching on lots of great strategies for writing testable code and also refactoring difficult-to-test code. The style of the workshop and live coding was very easy to follow. Also enjoyed the light humor of Stefan and Sebastian throughout the workshop.

Evan Coury

Thank you very much for great training. I learned A LOT about UnitTest tricks - I thought I knew it well and was wrong.

Serghei Tiutiun

It was awesome to see Stefan give a completely dynamic workshop based on what the attendees threw at him. I even suggested a couple of common, yet particularly challenging e-commerce scenarios (the audience was being quiet) and Stefan was able to clearly present and explain decent OOP solutions to the problems.

Evan Coury

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