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Education Flat Rate

Our patent remedy for the skills shortage

The Education Flat Rate

As a subscriber of our training flat rate, you can participate in a wide range of different events: over 200 hours of training for your team every year and generous guest regulations for trainees.

Upcoming events

Uncomplicated commissioning, simple operations, training to the point. Individual + group sessions, sometimes also workshops. This is how I imagine IT training today.

Judith Andresen , Founder BERATUNG JUDITH ANDRESEN

This is a really important topic and a great thing.

Roland Golla , Founder Never Code Alone

The guys are really good.

Lars Jankowfsky , Founder OXID eSales, Swoodoo, NFQ Asia

Great offer from people who bring everything to the table and are simply really, really good: professionally, personally, and didactically.

Timo Haberkern , Head of Rapid Application Development Schwarz IT KG

The team at now also offers a training flat rate. We have used the support from Stefan and Co. intensively for a long time and I have always been impressed by the technical and didactic competence of the guys. An absolute recommendation!

Sebastian Keßler , Principal Developer at FLYERALARM

The concept makes sense: you book slots, or seats, in a training course and can then place one person per seat in the training courses as required. And anyone who knows these three knows that this is money well spent.

Kristian Köhntopp ,

Cool idea for uncomplicated continuing education. Ask me anything sessions in particular, in which you can discuss specific problems or questions directly, help you get ahead quickly.

Verena Ruff , Head of Core Development at Simplifier AG

A "training flat rate" sounds strange at first, but (who I've known as highly competent trainers for 20 years) have filled this term with life: they put together a package with 200+ hours of training, exchange and other offers for developers, make the whole thing seat-based and there you have the PHP fitness flat rate.

Dr. Christopher Kunz , CEO Filoo GmbH