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Guided Refactoring

Guided Refactoring

Improve software continuously

Existing systems, legacy software, and old software are not always a pleasure to maintain. On the other hand, it must be recognised that software contributes substantially to the economic success of a company, sometimes even making it possible in the first place.

Regardless of whether software is still being strongly developed or is in operation more or less unchanged: there are always inherited burdens, the so-called technical debts. Without countermeasures, they continue to accumulate and at some point become a substantial risk that endangers the operation or further development of a software.

Developers often lack the time in their daily work to plan refactoring measures. Sometimes refactoring takes place but is not targeted enough, so too many changes are made to the software, leading to delayed completion or regressions. have helped us figure out how we need to restructure our code in the future. They have understood how to teach our developers how to integrate these new concepts without completely changing the way they work. We therefore remain continuously productive and make progress at the same time.

Stefan Altenkamp, CTO, Magic Internet GmbH

With Guided Refactoring, we regularly analyse your code base and determine (in dialogue with your developers, if desired) which refactoring measures need to be done next, at which points, and to what extent. The developers then implement these on their own responsibility, if desired with our help or optional support from us in the background.

Through regular reviews of the solutions, we ensure that the implementation has taken place, is done to the right extent and in the right way.

Guided Refactoring can serve to prepare a migration, for example to a newer PHP version. In dialogue with you, we always align our proposals with the corporate objective so that you continuously achieve measurable progress.

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