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Due Diligence

Due Diligence

Software and systems can be extremely valuable assets for a company. But every system also carries risks: are there technical risks such as obsolete and no longer supported components, are there legal risks related to intellectual property or licences, are there acutely exploitable or possible security vulnerabilities?

Especially in the context of mergers and acquisitions, opportunities and risks must be identified and objectively assessed. Even if there are experts in-house, the assessment is difficult if you do not know the technology stack well. With our globally recognised expertise in PHP and related technologies, we can perform technical due diligence for you discreetly and competently.

With the support of we were able to make a calculated decision for our in-house development.

Malte Polzin, CEO, Brack Electronics

We usually conduct due diligence reviews remotely. Depending on the specific question and within the scope of the given possibilities, we sift through source code, documentation and, if necessary, conduct interviews with the employees.

Our absolute confidentiality is of course guaranteed. We communicate any conflicts of interest clearly and in advance.

I would like to talk about possible due diligence.