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IT projects, especially software projects, are often characterised by high risks. The use of new technologies, great complexity in realisation, requirements that are not yet concretely known. In addition, there is often the "second system effect" already described by Fred Brooks in the 1970s, when developers try to avoid all the mistakes they made in the previous project and tend to design systems that are far too generalised.

On the other hand, there is not always enough leeway to try out new things in a safe environment that is not critical for a project and to gain experience with them at low risk. Companies therefore often tend to take a too conservative or a too risky approach to development. With our help, you can find the right middle ground.

Together with your developers, we create a prototype or a proof-of-concept implementation, for example, as an architectural walkthrough. In this way, we bring new ideas and impulses into the project so that you can gain experience with alternative approaches and new technologies. We limit your risk, as we have a wealth of experience from numerous projects and customer relationships about what works well and what is better left alone.

With the support of Arne, Sebastian and Stefan, we were able to raise our software development to a new evolutionary level. They were not "just consultants" but supported us as sparring partners. And they did not forget to ask "why? This gave us the chance to question the obvious and to find and develop precise, razor-sharp solutions without bells and whistles.

Ralf Trapp, Co-owner tronet GmbH

A simple prototype can often be developed in just a few joint workshops. We usually start with mob programming to lay solid foundations, ensure high code quality and, above all, create a common understanding of the solution and the necessary framework conditions.

If desired, we accompany the further development by defining tasks and action items together with the team and monitoring the project progress in the form of code reviews, while the team is responsible for the further implementation on its own and, if necessary, with our support. You benefit from shorter development cycles and significantly better code quality.

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