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Our Consulting Approach

We think holistically and economically

In order to advise our customers well, we have to take different interests into account. We therefore not only take the technical view of the developers, but also the entrepreneurial view of the management and the professional view of the users.

In this way, we bring together the needs and perspectives of the different stakeholders and find a common language with which we name problems and discuss solutions at eye level.

In doing so, we don't just focus on short-term success, but think further and create sustainable solutions that we balance with longer-term goals in a measured way.

We work solution-oriented

Our core business is the transfer of know-how, because we know that the development and operation of software must be a core competence for many companies. We are not available for pure outsourcing of development services.

In the project business, however, it is not only learning success that counts for the economic success of our customers, but also concrete and tangible results in the form of runnable software.

We are neither PowerPoint consultants nor the architects in the ivory tower, but work directly with the developers on the program code, so that together we can create software solutions that meet the needs and are future-proof.

We judge critically and constructively

We understand that existing software was created under certain conditions and with goals that may no longer apply today. Nevertheless, software often makes a decisive contribution to the success of a company, so the performance of all those involved must always be recognised.

We assess the status quo of people and systems critically and constructively, but without assigning blame. Nevertheless: from us you don't just hear what you want to hear, but what needs to be said.