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Inspiring Conference

  • Kolbermoor
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Inspiring Conference, hosted by the TYPO3 Neos agency TechDivision, is the meeting point for the „Who is Who“ of the international TYPO3 scene! Take the chance and meet the international TYPO3 Community and get in contact with organisations and agencies, the Flow and Neos core team, potential future collegues, PHP Developers, TYPO3 Flow and Neos Developers. Beside exciting lectures and top speakers from the TYPO3 scene, participants of the conference can visit great workshops of TYPO3 Flow and Neos themes.

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Two-Stack CMS

Traditional content management systems conflate two diverse requirements into one single software: content creation and content delivery. This combined approach leads to complex systems that can hardly be optimized for either use case. This presentation will acquaint you with the concept of a two-stack CMS as well as a proof-of-concept implementation based on Neos and other components.