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Stefan Priebsch

Stefan Priebsch

Co-Founder and Principal Consultant

Dipl. Inform. Stefan Priebsch has been programming computers for 40 years and has been an IT consultant for almost 30 years. He has a university degree in computer science with a minor in economics, is the author of various textbooks, and was an adjunct professor for professional web development at Rosenheim University of Applied Sciences for several years.

He gives presentations and keynotes at technology conferences around the world and is the inventor of two patents. As co-founder and principal consultant of The PHP Consulting Company (, Stefan helps companies successfully develop, modernize and operate software.

In his spare time, he plays electric guitar and researches agile home improvement.

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Key Topics

IT Strategy, Software Architecture , Domain-Driven Design , Object Orientation and Design Patterns, Legacy Systems Modernization, Message and Event-based Systems, Event Sourcing , CQRS

Book Publications

  1. PHP 7 Explained
    with Sebastian Bergmann and Arne Blankerts, Press, 2016
  2. Softwarequalität in PHP-Projekten, 2. Auflage
    with Sebastian Bergmann, Carl Hanser Verlag, 2013
  3. Real-World Solutions for Developing High-Quality PHP Frameworks and Applications
    with Sebastian Bergmann, Wrox, 2011
  4. Softwarequalität in PHP-Projekten
    with Sebastian Bergmann, Carl Hanser Verlag, 2010
  5. PHP 5.3 schnell+kompakt, 2009
  6. php|architect's Guide to PHP 5 Migration
    Marco Tabini & Associates, Inc., 2008
  7. PHP migrieren: Konzepte und Lösungen zur Migration von PHP-Anwendungen und -Umgebungen
    Carl Hanser Verlag, 2008
  8. Enterprise PHP-Tools, 2006

Presentations (Selection)

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  2. Presentation Introducing CQRS into Legacy Code More presentations
  3. Presentation Achterbahn oder doch lieber 8er-Bahn? More presentations
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Articles (Selection)