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Event Sourcing

Event Sourcing

Event sourcing means deriving state from a stream of immutable events. While classical data-centric architectures usually store the current state of an application in a relational database, event sourcing understands the stream of events (event ledger or event log) as the canonical source of truth.

In dieser Schulung lernen Sie Event Sourcing anhand von zahlreichen Praxisbeispielen und Live-Coding kennen und in der Praxis anwenden. Darüber hinaus gehen wir auf den Bezug von Event Sourcing zu CQRS ein, zeigen auf, wie Sie Event Sourcing schrittweise auch in Legacy-Anwendungen einführen können und geben wertvolle Tipps zum Einsatz von Event Sourcing in der Praxis.

Learning Objectives
Target Audience

This training is aimed at professional software developers, who are not yet familiar with event sourcing or have already had some experience with it. The exercises and code examples are in PHP, but are also accessible to programmers, who develop in other object-oriented languages.


Attendees should have at least 1-2 years of experience programming with PHP or a similar programming language. They should have experience with procedural and object-oriented programming and be confident in using an IDE and common development tools such as the version control Git.

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Please note that depending on the training booked, the individual online appointments may each take place at different times of the day.

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We are happy to conduct any training exclusively online ("in-house") for you. We adapt the content and focus to your specific wishes and needs and optionally work with examples directly from your code base.

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