Training and Online Training

We offer training (online and classroom) and consulting on a variety of of topics. Talk to us to learn more or to design your own customized training program together with us.

  • Advanced OOP When using advanced OOP concepts, you will retain control, even over extensive applications.
  • Design Patterns for Web Applications Use these design patterns to develop your applications faster and better understand common frameworks.
  • Event-Driven Development Make SOA and microservices a reality in your enterprise by demand-driven design of event-based, distributed systems.
  • Introduction to OOP Object-oriented programming skills are an important prerequisite for professional PHP use.
  • Mutation Testing with Infection Automated tests ensure future changes and enhancements to the software. When they're not lying.
  • Objects and Persistence Objects in memory, data on disk. Learn how best to bridge the gap between these two worlds.
  • OOP Master Class Become an OOP professional with these principles and working methods, and get to know tricks from many years of practice.
  • Test Automation with PHPUnit Automated tests save costs in the short term and safeguard future changes and enhancements to the software.
  • Type Checking with Psalm Type checking allows many errors to be found before a program is even executed.
  • We test your software together Find answers to all questions about test automation by solving problems using examples from your own code base.