Training and Inhouse Training

Currently, we have do not offer public trainings in English language. Get in touch with us to learn more about an inhouse training, and do not miss your change to learn from the best.

  • OOP Foundations

    Object-orientation is the predominant programming model in professional PHP programming. This training teaches the basics of object-oriented development in PHP, which is an important prerequisite for using and understanding modern frameworks

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  • Advanced OOP

    Object-oriented programming is indespendable as PHP applications grow bigger and bigger. Since PHP allows procedural, object-oriented, and event some functional programming, it is crucial for developers to be familiar with important object-oriented concepts.

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  • OOP Master Class

    Object-oriented development is a complex topic. Developers need time to comprehend the main concepts, to be able apply them correctly. This training will turn developers into masters of object orientation. Next to principles, we will teach proven best practices that are based on many years of experience.

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  • Test automation with PHPUnit

    To be sure that software works correctly, it must be continuously tested. This can be done manually at very high costs, or through test automation. This training shows how to use with PHPUnit, the standard tool for test automation in PHP, and how to integrate testing into the development process.

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  • Patterns of Domain-Driven Design

    Domain-Driven Design (DDD) has grown very popular in recent years. Putting a strong focus on the domain, however, is not always easy for developers. This training teaches the design patterns that Domain-Driven Design uses, thus offering a code-centric approach to DDD that makes DDD very accessible for the users.

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  • From Old to New

    A compact introduction to Domain-Driven Design, event-driven architectures, CQRS and Event Sourcing with a strong focus on how to apply these principles to existing legacy software.

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  • Event Storming: Deep Dive Process Modeling

    Event Storming for process modelling is a very effective way to build a common and shared understanding of a process and the requirements on software implementing it. This works well not only for developers, but also for domain experts and users.

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  • How to stop worrying about Code Changes

    This training shows refactoring and changes to existing software without automated tests can be made safely, by safeguarding them with PHPUnit.

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Did you find what you were looking for? We offer training and consulting on a broad range of topics, and not all are listed here. Contact us about a customized inhouse training that is tailored to your needs.