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May 27, 2018

If you want to be sure that your software works correctly then you need to continuously test it. Automated tests save you from pressing F5 in the browser all the time as well as from using debug statements such as var_dump() in your code. They are also cheaper than manual tests and easier to implement than you may think. How do I test my code with as little effort as possible? How do I execute as few lines of code as possible to test what I am really interested in? And what does this have to do with clean code? Attendees of this session will learn why they should include PHPUnit into their set of development tools.

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June 04, 2018

Event Storming is an emerging group modeling technique using sticky notes and verbal communication that is not only extremely efficient, but also easy to learn, and fun to do. This workshop introduces you to Event Storming with a strong focus on process design. Rather than talking a lot of theory, we will quickly dive into a group exercise and start modeling a real-life business problem, which will lead to valuable insights and is likely to spark off a lot of interesting discussions. We will not stop there, however, but also turn the model into working PHP code using Domain-Driven Design techniques and patterns, so bring your laptop with a working PHP environment. To conclude the day, we will demonstrate how to integrate the code with your favorite framework. This workshop might forever change the way you write code, so do not miss out on it.

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No matter how experienced you are as a developer: you can always improve. This workshop teaches advanced coding techniques through live coding. First up, we will solve some interesting coding problems that the audience has defined (it's only live if nobody knows the problem beforehand!). In the second segment, we will write code in a test-driven fashion. In the afternoon, it is your turn to write code. You will work on an interesting non-trivial coding exercise while being individually coached by the trainer. It's your choice whether you want to try test-driven development, write code first, then tests, or write no tests at all. The latter, however, might earn you some angry looks from the trainer ;-) We will touch on domain-driven design, test-driven development, clean code and SOLID principles, and might even throw in a few design patterns. Every question will be answered! Make sure to bring a laptop with your favourite development environment (current version of PHP, an IDE, and PHPUnit). Attendees should have a good working knowledge of PHP, at least basic OOP skills, and be familiar with the basics of PHPUnit. No frameworks or other third-party code will be needed.

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Previous Presentations

Do not worry if you have missed one of our talks. We have presentation material as well as video recordings for many of them.

May 03, 2018

Wer sicher sein will, dass Software richtig funktioniert, muss sie laufend testen. Das kann man entweder immer wieder manuell tun und entsprechende Kosten in Kauf nehmen, oder man automatisiert die Tests. Die Teilnehmer dieses Workshops lernen, wie sie das Werkzeug PHPUnit, den Standard für Testautomatisierung in der PHP-Welt, in ihren Entwicklungsprozess integrieren.

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April 14, 2018

Congratulations! You finally managed to convince the business that there really is no way to add this important new feature to the old legacy code base without causing major disruptions. But where to go from here? Completely rewriting the old monolithic application that does a gazillion things from scratch may seem tempting but is a gigantic effort with an unforeseeable outcome. Discover a way out of legacy hell by learning about architectural patterns as well as concrete technical solutions that enable you to gradually move functionality into new software components without the impediments of a full rewrite.

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April 05, 2018

Congratulations, you successfully replaced your legacy monolith. And not just with a distributed monolith comprised of microservices that depend on each other, but rather with an assembly of self-contained systems that do not share infrastructure. There is just one question left to answer: how do you test an application that consists of self-contained systems? Come to this meetup and learn the answer!

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March 20, 2018

Domain-Driven Design (DDD) has become a major trend, maybe even a buzzword. The idea of (more) collaboration between developers and domain experts, however, is not new, but has already been a part of the Agile Manifesto. To be honest, "agile" does not work very well in most companies. We will try to analyze why this is the case, and ponder the question whether DDD can fix that.

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