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Ask me Anything

Many questions arise in the everyday life of a developer. A quick Internet search provides fast answers to simple questions, but when the problems become more specific, the usual online sources soon no longer help. Sometimes the right words are also missing to even describe the problem accurately.

We can help you. We give answers to technical questions around professional software development, as well as to organizational questions, questions about software architecture, quality assurance, team development and collaboration or questions about development processes in general. We give you confidence to work in the right direction and set impulses that lead to new and better solutions.

Stefan, Sebastian and Arne looked at the problems from different angles than our own teams, and with that were able to give valuable advice and steer us in the right direction to solve the problems at hand. We are definitely implementing the recommendations and will work with the PHP Consulting Company again.

Bart van Muijen, CTO GOconnectIT Group

Our Ask me Anything is a casual conversation format where we are particularly respectful of each other. We don't judge, but give constructive advice. Ask me Anything video conferences are not recorded to create a safe space for open questions and honest answers.

Our next Ask me Anything will take place on May 2, 2024 from 09:30 until 10:15 (Europe/Berlin) online with Arne Blankerts .

This format is exclusive to users of our education flat rate and cannot be booked separately.