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There are many terms to describe the development of sustainable software: Clean Code , Software Craftsmanship, SOLID , pragmatic programming, GRASP. Probably Extreme Programming should also be mentioned here as the ancestor of agile methods.

The development of high-quality software is not an end in itself, but must serve an economic purpose, namely the extension of the software life cycle. This is It is not only about good code per se, but also about related topics such as test automation, software architecture or efficient development processes. These factors influence the quality of software quite significantly, because they can be both enablers and blockades.

Stefan, Sebastian and Arne looked at the problems from different angles than our own teams, and with that were able to give valuable advice and steer us in the right direction to solve the problems at hand. We are definitely implementing the recommendations and will work with the PHP Consulting Company again.

Bart van Muijen, CTO GOconnectIT Group

Every month at our Clean Code Expert Meeting, a small group of developers, architects and other stakeholders discuss the various facets of Clean Code in the sense of technically and economically sustainable IT solutions. We talk about what is good and what is bad, what and above all how something can be done better, and when things can be good enough.

The topic is often introduced by a keynote speech or a field report and then discussed in casual conversation. This format is particularly aimed at more experienced developers, as they also learn and practice public speaking and peer mentoring through participation. An ideal companion for participants who are on their way to becoming lead or principal developers or who want to become software architects.

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