Advanced OOP

Advanced OOP

Object-oriented programming is indispensable when applications become extensive. The PHP programming language in particular presents the developer with special challenges, since the language also has procedural and functional features. This training teaches the correct use of important advanced OOP concepts such as interfaces and abstract base classes.

We have prepared the content of this training didactically with great care for the best possible online learning success. In classroom training, we essentially convey the same content, but in a compressed form.

Classroom training at our training center in Wolfratshausen is suspended until further notice due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

We also offer all training courses exclusively and individualized, both online and in-house at your site. During the COVID-19 pandemic, we will only conduct on-site in-house training if there is a suitable hygiene concept for participants and trainers and the infection situation allows it.

Learning Objectives
  • Correctly recognize inheritance as a controversial concept
  • Handle errors with exceptions correctly
  • Decouple code through interfaces
  • Detect and eliminate duplicate code
Target Audience

This training is intended for attendees who want to program in PHP professionally and create or maintain object-oriented applications.


The prerequisite is a basic knowledge of object-oriented programming in PHP or a similar programming language, as taught, for example, in the training Introduction to OOP.