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Advanced PHPUnit

Advanced PHPUnit

PHPUnit is the standard test automation tool for PHP. This training teaches the advanced use of PHPUnit in real projects. In addition to testing object interactions and side effects, you will also learn, for example, how to avoid risky tests and work with code coverage information.

Learning Objectives
Target Audience

This training is aimed at participants who have practical experience with test automation and want to learn how to successfully implement difficult tests with PHPUnit, as required in everyday project work.


Prerequisites are practical experience with PHPUnit and knowledge of object-oriented programming in PHP. The necessary basics are taught in Test Automation with PHPUnit and Advanced OOP .

Scope of Services

Please note that depending on the training booked, the individual online appointments may each take place at different times of the day.

Technical requirements for attending an online training.

Available online "inhouse"


Exclusive and customized?

We are happy to conduct any training exclusively online ("in-house") for you. We adapt the content and focus to your specific wishes and needs and optionally work with examples directly from your code base.

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